We are announcing what has been an absolute summer must in our city for the last thirty-five years: Festival Lent! 

Are you the kind of person who, now that the the sun is slowly but surely becoming bolder, cannot help but daydream of summer? Well, we have just the thing for you – your dreams are about to turn into names and faces! This is to announce what has been an absolute summer must in our city for the last thirty-five years: Festival Lent! 

Once ablaze with the bright lights of the festival, the city shows its best face, transforming into a cosmopolitan hub filled with action and energy, where life is enjoyed late into the night. This is one of the reasons why stage lights are the leading visual element of this year’s festival image. Beams of light that drive away the darkness mix and swirl just like genres and languages, cultures and heritages, and tastes and generations of visitors do at the festival. Rays of light make the young and old alike come out into the streets, vivid of mind and colourful of hue just like the festival programme.

This year, stage lights will burn bright between 23 June and 1 July and shine, among many others, on jazz (super)stars Seun Kuti, Manu Katché, Fred Wesley, and Delvon Lamarr.  On the Main Stage, they will illuminate the scorching Joker Out, Rock Opera –  Queen Symphony with unforgettable hits of Freddy Mercury, and the hit musical Mamma Mia!. They will reawaken the sparkle and shine of Indexi, rock legends from Sarajevo, who will share the stage with Yugoslavian greats such as Halid Bešlić, Dado Topić, Hari Mata Hari, Neno Belan and Zoran Predin as their guests. Speaking of legends, there’s plenty of those in Slovenia too, the ubiquitous poet of the Prekmurje flatlands, Vlado Kreslin, to name just one. We’re certainly not out of line if we use the term legendary also to describe the Trieste Pinko Tomažič Partisan Choir, who are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year, and, speaking of anniversaries, let’s not forget about Folkart that is celebrating its thirty-fifth. To celebrate it properly, folklore lovers will be treated to a special, carefully curated programme of world-class groups that will take you on a trip all the way to Indonesia and Zimbabwe. The bright lights of the Minoriti Stage will make a supernova out of the magical Božo Vrečo and shine once more on hundreds of faces erupting with laughter. Aside from the must-have stand-up programme, we’ll be showing not one but two comedy hits, Vročica and Boeing Boeing. And last but most certainly not least, we can’t do without (yes, another legend) the permanently sold-out gig by Tadej Toš.

Are you feeling the itch yet? To let the time pass a bit quicker, ticket sales start as early as March 15. And to make it even sweeter, we have something new in store for you – a gift for all of those who know that lenting is best enjoyed night in and night out. We’re launching the Three Plus ticket bundle – all of those who purchase tickets for at least three different festival events will benefit from 20% off.

Bring on summer, we’re ready!